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Start of integration – watch the videos here!

If you live in the Netherlands, you must learn the language. Different rules could possibly apply in the Netherlands and we may treat each other differently than you are used to. You’ll learn this during the integration process. The integration process will take a maximum of 3 years. You’ll get used to the Netherlands much more quickly by integrating. You’ll become part of Dutch society. That's called integration.

Welcome to Westland

Mayor Bouke Arends would like to extend a very warm welcome to you to Westland. He hopes you’ll soon feel at home in the beautiful municipality and that you’ll soon meet many lovely people, make new friends and meet nice neighbours!

Different integration steps

This video will show you the various different integration steps.
De gemeente Westland ontwikkelde samen met Patijnenburg, het Sociaal Kernteam Westland en Vitis Welzijn het Sociaal Plein Westland.

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