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You’re obliged to complete the integration process if you have come to live in the Netherlands and you:
  • don’t have the Dutch nationality;
  • come from a country outside of the European Union, or if you come from Liechtenstein, Norway, Croatia, Iceland or Switzerland;
  • are 18 years old or above (until you are entitled to a pension);
  • have lived in the Netherlands for less than 8 years and either are or were in full-time compulsory education.


Certain rules apply when integrating and receiving benefits. Every situation is different. Agreements about integration can therefore be different for everyone.

 Your contact person at the municipality will enter into agreements with you about your integration. These agreements can be found in your own Integration and Participation Plan (IPP). Everyone who comes to live in the Netherlands has rights and obligations.


Integration steps

Which steps form part of the integration process? Click here to see a brief overview.

You’ll conclude your integration with an exam at DUO, or, in some cases, with a meeting with an integration consultant.

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