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Who should I contact?

Do you have any questions about integration? These people are ready to assist you:

Municipality of Westland

Your contact person at the municipality will guide you through your integration. You will enter into agreements about your integration together. This will ensure you’ll soon know how to participate with life here.

Telephone 06- 82 24 42 94

Refugee Work

VluchtelingenWerk (Refugee Work) Westland employees guide refugees in Westland. They will help you to build a life here. This can include:
  • filling in forms
  • finding a doctor
  • furnishing a home
  • administration and reading mail
  • arranging a school for the children

Telephone: 0174-442120

Westland Library

Westland Library helps people who are going through the integration process in various different ways. For example, by learning to speak and write the language. There are several training courses you can follow.

Telephone: 0174- 226404

Vitis Welzijn

Vitis offers various local activities. They can arrange for you to get together with others when you feel lonely, offer help wherever it's needed and help you meet new people.

Telephone: 0174 – 630358


Patijnenburg organises the integration processes for participants in the B1 and Z routes. Patijnenburg can also help you to find a job. Working will help you to feel at home more quickly and become financially independent. They’ll also help you with learning the language.

Telephone 0174 - 272000
De gemeente Westland ontwikkelde samen met Patijnenburg, het Sociaal Kernteam Westland en Vitis Welzijn het Sociaal Plein Westland.

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