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Westland is the most important greenhouse horticulture area in the Netherlands and is well known for the orange glow which illuminates the sky at night. This is due to the glass greenhouses. That’s why Westland is sometimes also referred to as the Glass City.

The coast is one of the Netherlands’ most beautiful nature reserves. This nature reserve is called the Nationaal Park Hollandse Duinen (National Dutch Dunes Park). It’s a beautiful nature reserve for real dune and beach enthusiasts.


Westland has surprisingly much to offer! Discover the 8 kilometre long family beach with many cycling and walking routes. There’s certainly plenty of culture, beautiful village centres, history and the extraordinary world of greenhouse horticulture.

Out and about together

You’ll find fun and educational outings for the whole family in Westland.
Link to the Visit Westland website
De gemeente Westland ontwikkelde samen met Patijnenburg, het Sociaal Kernteam Westland en Vitis Welzijn het Sociaal Plein Westland.

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